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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sex dolls with elf ears and why I chose "Must Love Dolls" for Come Again

I'm still in moving madness, but I know have a moving date and new home. So it's three and a half more weeks of madness and then real suburbia for me! I'll be near Atlantic City, so am hoping to check out some concerts and perhaps play some slot machines once in a while.

Catching up, on Friday I wrote about "The Human Side of Sex Dolls" for Lady Smut, including the fact that you can order a doll with a flaccid penis or one with elf ears!

I was inspired by the incredible story "Must Love Dolls" by Giselle Renarde in Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica. You can read an interview with her about it on the Come Again site (scroll down). Very proud to have published this story that touches on bisexuality, desire, love and, yes, a doll.

I chose the story because it was unlike any of the others I received, and it managed to capture sex and romance in a way I'd never seen before, as it relates to a love doll, in this case. One thing I greatly admire about Come Again is that its queer content pushes boundaries. Does a threesome with a sex doll "count" as bisexual? What does it say about a married woman's desire for another woman and how she goes about fulfilling it? To me, it captured so much more than sex with an inanimate object, and that's why I published it.

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