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Thursday, April 02, 2015

My May-June LitReactor erotica class is has 9 spots left

Just a heads up that my next 4-week Between the Sheets erotica writing class at LitReactor, which has a maximum of 16 spots, has 9 spots left.


I wanted to give you some notice even though it's a few weeks away, because once it sells out, which it's expected to (the previous two did), then the class will be full. They cap their classes in order for students to get the maximum learning out of them, and that makes perfect sense to me. The class becomes its own little group, part of which I facilitate, part of which happens spontaneously. The full details about the class are here and if you have any questions about what will be covered or if you'd benefit from it, feel free to email me at rachelkb at with "LitReactor" in the subject line.

My personal two cents is: you don't need any prior writing, including erotica writing experience. What you do need is time. I'd estimate 5 hours a week, but probably 8-10 hours is better. After all, if you are paying $350 a week, you ideally want to get the most of out it. That being said, you also have the option to just read along and not do the weekly assignments, but they are designed to get you writing and sharing with your fellow classmates and getting/giving feedback, all of which I think is extremely useful in seeing what works and what doesn't in your own writing, and that of your peers. The way I teach is largely to encourage people to submit their work, not because that's the only thing you can do with erotica, but because I think it gives you a concrete goal to aim for, and if you are looking to get published, that's the only way it's going to happen (sorry, no one is going to magically find your writing on your laptop, because how would they know it's there?). You won't be required to submit your work or do anything else, but I will be giving an extensive overview of the current erotica market, including Q&As with authors (traditionally published and self-published), editors and publishers and sharing what I've been told about what publishers are looking for right now.

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