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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hotel sex in Germany with Zimmerservice inklusive: Erotische Hotel-Storys!

Actually, I've never been in Germany, but I am in a hotel room right now and just discovered that my anthology Suite Encounters: Hotel Sex Stories has now been translated into German. I still love hotels as much as I ever did, which is good because I'm staying in hotels for the next week as I make my way on my little tour, moving on from Charlottesville to Baltimore and then Arlington. Here's the German and U.S. covers. Fittingly, every one of my German book covers has been so much sexier than the U.S. version! See Fast Girls and Please, Sir in German (although the original U.S. bold magenta cleavage baring Please, Sir cover is one of my all-time favorites of mine).



It takes a while for me to get a copy of the print edition, but I just bought the Kindle edition because seeing my books and words in another language was a longtime dream of mine, and now it's come true several times and I couldn't be happier. As you can see, my story "Special Request," about a woman whose job is being a unique kind of hotel clerk and planning an orgy, has become "Sonderwünsche" in the German version. If you want to buy Zimmerservice inklusive: Erotische Hotel-Storys, you can do so for American Kindle or Kindle Germany. Fun fact: so far, Germany is the only country that has reprinted my erotica anthologies, though I know other Cleis Press books have been translated into French, Spanish, Turkish and other languages. My goal for a long time was to sell foreign rights; my new goal is to sell them in a language besides German (hint hint, universe!). Below are some screen shots I took using my phone plus the table of contents.





Suite Encounters: Hotel Sex Stories
Introduction: Sex Magic (read it free and here)

Two-Way Ariel Graham
Selfish Donna George Storey
Air- Conditioning. Color TV. Live Mermaids. Anna Meadows
Proof of Desire Remittance Girl
Soundproof Emily Moreton
An Inspector Comes Suzanne Fox
Surrender with a Twist Suleikha Snyder
Unbound at the Holiday Inn Lily K. Cho
Travelodge Tess Justine Elyot
Business Expenses Elizabeth Silver
Return to the Nonchalant Inn Erobintica
The Deacon Tahira Iqbal
Love, Loud as a Bomb Steve Isaak
Night School Valerie Alexander
Feel So Dirty Andrea Dale
Please Come Again Tenille Brown
Dirty White Envelope Ellie Vokes
Tailgating at the Cedar Inn Delilah Devlin
Stiletto’s Big Score Michael A. Gonzales
Special Request Rachel Kramer Bussel

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