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Monday, March 16, 2015

Goodbye wonderful second LitReactor class, hello upcoming third LitReactor class

My second 4-week LitReactor online erotica writing class just ended last week, and the next one runs May 5-June 2. I offer weekly written lectures, weekly writing assignments plus critiques from me and your fellow students (you are expected to give feedback as well, though participation in homework is optional) and exclusive Q&As with editors, publishers and writers, as well as extensive market listings with current information about what editors and publishers are looking for. I will say that this class works best and gives you the most value for your money if you truly have the time to dedicate to it. I would estimate that's around 5 hours per week for writing, reading/giving feedback and partaking in class discussions. That is up to you, of course, but for $350, I want students to feel the class was worthwhile. You also have access to the classroom forever.


Based on the last two, I expect it to sell out in advance, so if you are interested, I would sign up now. Class is limited to 16 people. There's more information on each week's work above, and here's a glowing blurb from a recent student, Jessica Taylor, whose story "Bison Grass," developed in class, was just published at Wordhaus.
"Rachel Kramer Bussel provides excellent instruction in the art of writing erotica. Her class, Between the Sheets, is hands on and invites you to widen your senses, emotions, and your perceptions of the erotica genre. You will produce at the very least 4000 words of erotica in this class, and if you work hard you could even write the basis for four complete stories in this one month class. Excellent lectures that included story excerpts are provided to help you with each of your writing assignments. Rachel provides thoughtful line-by-line feedback on each of the stories or scenes that you write. The class appropriately ends with the production of a story directed toward a current call-for-submission.

In addition to the writing that I did, my favorite part of the class was the question & answer sessions that Rachel coordinated between students and published authors. Many of the questions that I had regarding publishing in the erotica field (traditional vs. self-publishing, agent vs. no agent, etc) were addressed through this mechanism of interaction with successful authors.

I don't think you could have a more experienced, better connected, or more successful author for an erotica writing class than Rachel Kramer Bussel. If you're interested in this genre in any way, I highly encourage you to continue your journey under the tutelage of this talented and friendly teacher. Her instruction has guided me towards two erotica publications so far. Her methods work!" -- Jessica Taylor, former LitReactor student

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