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Monday, March 09, 2015

Fried Sriracha balls and the rest of my crazy weekend

For the Monday morning after I managed to kill my laptop and had to buy a new one, I'm doing pretty well. I was very Zen when it happened, because once in a while, I'm good in a crisis, and now, it's pretty much behind me. In the old days, I would spend umpteen hours berating and criticizing myself for whatever I'd done wrong. Now, I try to live in the present and focus on what I can change, now, to improve my life.

I'll be writing more about that, but wanted to type my first post from my new MacBook Air and share some photos from Rodeo Houston yesterday. I'm on vacation, but it's really more like "vacation" or "working vacation." Last week I met some pretty big deadlines, which left some of the others a bit straggling, but that's what freelance life for me is all about.

I caught up on Girls Season 4, after having skipped seasons 2 and 3 because I don't have HBO, and in one of the episodes, Desi said something to Marnie along the lines of whatever I'm doing, I'm writing songs. That's pretty much how I feel. In the course of going about my regular daily life, whether at home or away, things happen that leap out at me that practically beg me to write about them, some good, some less so. I don't write a super personal blog these days, and tend to save the most introspective stuff for essays, and two are percolating after this weekend. So here are some Houston snapshots, as I get to know my MacBook Air and enjoy the last day of my trip.






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