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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Like sex toys? Like erotica? Like free books? Sign up to review Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica

Update: This free book offer will end once I've reached 100 requests or, barring that, on March 15, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. EST. I will update this post once the offer has closed.

I've been editing erotica anthologies for over a decade now, but I still get just as excited as I did with my first one. This year, I'm especially excited about Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica, because I think sex toys are becoming more and more talked about and used, and because the authors really brought out their most creative sides. These stories feature men and women using all kinds of sex toys, from some that haven't been invented (but would be wonderful to have in the world!) to many that will be familiar, though often are used in unusual ways. This book was a joy to edit and one of the ones I'm most proud of, and it also welcomes many authors into the world of erotica writing for the first time. It's an honor to have so many debut authors in this anthology.


Because I'm s proud of Come Again and want it to do well enough to allow me to edit another book of sex toy erotica (I got way more amazing submissions than I could use given my word count limit), I'm doing another giveaway of 100 copies of the book, just as I did for The Big Book of Orgasms, to Amazon reviewers. I just ask that you post your review by May 31st; May is National Masturbation Month and I want to show the world and sex toys and masturbation seem to go together (though as you will see in Come Again, they are good for much more than masturbation).

Why am I doing this? Well, for one thing, Amazon reviews help sell books. For another, I love giving away books; I recently sent out about 40 free books to Thunderclap supporters of Best Bondage Erotica 2015. It's a wonderful way to connect personally with readers as I sign and mail out their books, and to see where my books are popular. Third, it's way for people who can't afford to buy my books to get to read them, which is important to me (also you can ask for my books or any books you want to read at your local library!). Fourth, because I believe so strongly in this book, I want the authors to be read as wide and far as possible, and am going to do everything in my power to make that happen. I'm also working on securing a sponsor so I can do a small book tour of sex toy stores and will be connecting with sex toy stores because it's a natural fit for a book of sex toy erotica.

Which brings me to you. What's in this for you? A) a free autographed book, that you will receive before it's even in stores. B) The chance to read and support my work, that of an independent publisher, Cleis Press, and all the authors in the book.

Here's how it works: this promotion is run and paid for entirely by me. Since I am spending around $1,000 of my own money, I have to set some rules for who qualifies. Therefore, I am only offering this promotion to those in the United States who have previously posted at least one Amazon review. This is because I can only afford postage within the U.S. and I want to make sure that you both have an Amazon account you're qualified to post reviews from and that you have previously done so. In the past, I've had people sign up to review books on Amazon and then not have an Amazon account, and the only way I can continue to afford to send out free books (which I really do enjoy) is to make sure reviewers follow through. I wish I could afford to send overseas for this promotion, but at this time I cannot do so. Please support my books so that maybe down the road I can afford to send books overseas for these promotions! And look, I'm not rich. I don't know how many more anthologies I will have the opportunity to edit, so I want to make this one, which I consider one of my best, as popular as it can be. I may not be able to afford a promotion like this again, but while I can, I want to do it.

So with that, to sign up, just be one of the first 100 to do this, and you will get your book the minute the books arrive on my doorstep (I get them straight from the printer so actually get them before they are in stores). Instructions:

1. Email sextoyantho at with "Amazon" in the subject line AND your name, U.S. mailing address and URL of a previous review, which will look like this: Click on your review's title and then copy and paste the URL for it. If you can't do this, you can send the URL of your Amazon profile which has a link to your review(s).

2. I will reply to everyone, either confirming you are one of the first 100, or letting you know that you're not (and I will update this post once the 100 have been spoken for).

3. For the first 100, once you receive your book, please post an honest review on by May 31st.

4. That's it! Some other ways to follow and support the book: @comeagainbook on Twitter, our Facebook page and Tumblr. Come Again is also on Goodreads, where you can mark that you want to read it (thank you!) and rate it.

Email sextoyantho at with any questions and thank you for reading.

Here's more information about Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica:

Table of contents and introduction:

Dare You To Jillian Boyd
The Prototype Malin James
Icy Bed J. Crichton
Surprise Katya Harris
The Superman Dildo E. Bellamy
Lost and Pounded Zee Giovanni
In the Pink Rob Rosen
Dalia’s Toy Corrine A. Silver
Vegetable Love Susan St. Aubin
The Cure for the Common Lay Valerie Alexander
Claws Out Rachel Kramer Bussel
Sex Kitten Errica Liekos
Standard of Care Sybil Rush
Bikery Oliver Hollandaize
Pencil Dick Kathleen Delaney-Adams
A Tale of Two Toys Chris Komodo
Prickles Elizabeth Coldwell
Gift Dena Hankins
Get Your Rocks Off Jocelyn Dex
Byrd and the Bees Kamala St. Deeds
The Secret Shopper Kitten Boheme
Must Love Dolls Giselle Renarde
Sex Sells Adriana Ravenlust
My Life as a Vibrator Livia Ellis

Introduction: Sex Toys Are Everywhere

I love sex toys, both the kinds you can find in sex shops and the kinds you can find pretty much anywhere. Because the truth is, anything can become a sex toy in the right hands, and Come Again proves that.

In these pages, you’ll read about vibrators, butt plugs, strap-on harnesses, dildos, nipple clamps, a sex doll and even a Superman dildo. But you’ll also read about characters so smitten with sex toys they’re willing to go to great lengths to create their own, whether it’s a special bike designed to make pedaling a woman’s favorite sport (in “The Bikery,” by Oliver Hollandaize) or an inflatable ball on a stick (as in “The Prototype,” by Malin James). Perhaps in the future, we’ll have sex toys like the orgasm machine being peddled in “Sex Sells,” by Adriana Ravenlust, or the Simulsphere that provides “The Cure for the Common Lay,” which Valerie Alexander so masterfully serves up.

Sex toys are a perfect complement to a kinky relationship, offering one person the power to control how the other uses his or her toys. In “The Secret Shopper,” by Kitten Boheme, the act of shopping takes on an extremely risqué overtone, while in “Sex Kitten,” by Errica Liekos, a tail and a transgression provide the perfect entrée to a hot scene.

Toys are a wonderful way for couples to double the fun, and that concept is taken to humorous and wonderful heights in “A Tale of Two Toys,” by Chris Komodo, in which the popularity of remote- control vibrators is celebrated. I was awed by the way Giselle Renarde detailed the romance, wonder and pleasure a Japanese sex doll brings to a couple sharing her as they expand their sexual repertoire. Are Honor and Tom having a threesome with Natsuki? In their own special way, yes indeed. Dena Hankins’s “Gift” shows that you’re never too old to explore a new toy.

Nature lovers will appreciate the ingenuity of “Vegetable Love,” by Susan St. Aubin and “Get Your Rocks Off,” by Jocelyn Dex, and I know I’ll be thinking about J. Crichton’s “Icy Bed” every time I take out ice cubes from my freezer.

You’ll find proud toy users and those whose private pleasures wind up being exposed in stories like “Dare You To,” by Jillian Boyd, where the jangling of nipple clamp bells is a little too loud for comfort, and “In The Pink,” by Rob Rosen, in which a masturbatory moment in the office turns into some hands-on sex education.

All of these stories celebrate sex toys for the ways they can shake up a routine, enhance an orgasm, transform an identity or simply add new delights to your sex life. Once you’re done reading, I’m pretty sure, like me, you’ll start seeing sex toys—or at least, potential sex toys—everywhere you go!

Rachel Kramer Bussel
Red Bank, New Jersey

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