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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I still love New York, even in freezing cold winter

Even though I believe moving out of New York and living in New Jersey has been why I'm doing well this year in my freelance writing career, I will always love New York and all that it has to offer. I still go there to get my pubic hair waxed and for manicures and pedicures, because I'm loyal and the prices are much cheaper. I go there for theater and food and friends. Yesterday I sat in a cozy theater on St. Mark's Place and escaped the cold for 45 minutes and was incredibly impressed; I'll be writing more about the show I saw, Cootie Catcher by Lucas Brooks, in next week's sex column. I loved New York because it is always full of the unexpected. I was craving dumplings, but Mimi Cheng's is closed on Mondays and I didn't have time to wait at other places. On my walk from the theater to the subway, I found a food truck that sold me 5 steaming hot spicy vegetable dumplings for just $3.50. I ate them as I shivered my way to the train.

Since I can't show you how cold it was, I will share a few snapshots from yesterday. I'm now back home and on deadline and very happy to have a warm office from which to do my work.


Pretty stained glass on a school; the kids playing nearby seemed oblivious to the cold. I wasn't.


Sticky's Finger Joint is an actual chicken finger restaurant on 8th Street in Manhattan.


I discovered the artwork of Chris Uphues when I was living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and going to my favorite coffeeshop, Gimme Coffee, every day (I still miss that place and look forward to stopping in when I'm in the neighborhood March 14th for the Dirty Diaries screening at Spectacle Theater). His art was on the wall and I bought one of his heart paintings and have it hanging on my bedroom wall. I had forgotten he was doing a collaboration with Ann Taylor Loft. I went there to look around and was so pleased to find his window display. They're selling his heart t-shirt too.

Finally, at Penn Station, I had a little time to kill before my train. I read the odd New York magazine story about Ellora's Cave, even more oddly called "Amazon's Erotica Problem" on the cover (actual title: "Did Amazon Sink the Queen of Online Erotica?") when really it's about EC blaming Amazon for their low sales. I also deeply coveted both of these magazines, but in my efforts to no longer be such a good hoarder/bad girlfriend, I didn't buy either.



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