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Thursday, January 29, 2015

A lesbian Secretary of State, a "Kitchen Slut" and more in the Hungry for More audiobook

As I've said before, the subtitle of my anthology Hungry for More: Romantic Fantasies for Women doesn't, in my opinion, do it justice. That was out of my hands, but what is in my hands, as much as these things can be, is the power to use my blog and other means to let you know just how filthy hot dirty sexy these fantasy erotica stories are. Some do veer toward the romantic, but when I was selecting stories, the ones I chose were the ones that spoke to the most outrageous fantasies, that went above and beyond in terms of going for it, society be damned. Which is why there's a lesbian sex Secretary of State story in "Madam Secretary" by Jaye Markham and all sorts of kitchen supplies in "Kitchen Slut" by Olivia Archer. There's male/male sex and female voyeurism in "Bringing The Heart" by Tiffany Reisz, which you can read a free excerpt from on her site, (not to mention, of course, baseball!). There's anonymous sex in "Craig's List" by Greta Christina. There's one of the edgiest, taboo-busting stories I've ever published in "Jailbait Torch Song" by Valerie Alexander, which in its way is one of the most romantic erotica stories I've read. There's food play in "Organically Grown" by Brandy Fox. There's bukkake in my "A First Time for Everything." And so much more. I wanted these to be stories that would tap into readers' minds and let them in turn acknowledge the kinds of fantasies that can make us shiver, whether in arousal or fear, we're not quite sure. I wanted these stories to go there, and stay there, to not shy away for one second from the often intense, button-pushing fantasies.


And now, the print edition and ebook are joined by the audiobook, which is available for sale at Audible. You can listen to a free sample of "Submissive" by Jacqueline Applebee, the opening story. There's more of it at Audible, but here's a sneak peek at this BDSM fantasy story:
by Jacqueline Applebee

I could tell you how Monty did me wrong. I could paint myself all shades of sorrowful. But that isn’t in my nature, not one bit. I’m thankful for everything that happened.

I was born to serve others. I skipped a lot of school, stayed at home to help out when Ma got sick. I raised my sister’s two kids when she up and ran away. Family’s important to me, it don’t matter what they did. I guess I’m a traditional gal when all’s said and done. Either that or I’m a dumb fuck.

Kinky sex was a whole new bag for me. I found a stray book in one of the bins at work. It was a trashy romance where the heroine got hog-tied and screwed six ways to Sunday by a glamorous Count. She was in her element when she was being used. But in the end, she was the one who ran the show, no matter what Count what’s-his-name thought.

When I read that book, I could almost feel a light going off in my head. I wanted some of that. I wanted to be a submissive.
Read the entire story (or listen to it) in Hungry for More, available for sale at:


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