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Thursday, December 04, 2014

Sexy fat guys in erotica and real life

Not all of my erotica is realistic (most of it isn't, actually) or inspired by real life, but there are some types of characters I often return to, both because I enjoy them and I think it's important to showcase them. One is bisexuals, and I plan to write about more male bisexuals in my fiction soon, but I'd say many, possibly half, of my female characters are written as bisexual on some level. The other is fat guys. As you probably know, I'm in love with a fat man and generally lust after them (you can read more about it in "My Boyfriend's Fat" in my essay collection Sex & Cupcakes. I'll actually be on HuffPost Live today at 10:50 a.m. EST (will update with link) talking about my YouBeauty essay linked first above on what I've learned about body image and size from my fat boyfriend.


There's a funny thing that happens to me sometimes, especially with fiction: I forget exactly what I've written. If a year or more goes by between when I write a short story, send it off, and it gets published in print, I will recall the general outline of the story, but not the specific details. So when D.L. King invited me to read from my story "Big Bottom" in her new BDSM erotica anthology The Big Book of Domination: Erotic Fantasies at Purple Passion, I asked if I could have the book in my hands.

photo by Stacie Joy

As I was reading, I thought, I really like this. I sometimes surprise myself, especially with femdom stories, at how twisted and kinky they can get, at the ideas that pop into my head, at how funny they are, which you sometimes only hear when you read them out loud. I surprised myself, basically, and it made me want to write more stories like that, about fat men who have various sexual appetites and proudly own them. I also think it's something that helps make a story like this stand out. So here's a snippet of my story, inspired by Purple Passion and an actual set of talons I coveted there for years but, last I heard, are no longer available because the person who made them stopped making them:
from "Big Bottom" by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Gemma smiled at the crowd that had formed to watch the three of them. Kevin nestled his head against the side of the blonde’s neck, while she beamed a beatific smile. Before she began, Gemma leaned down to whisper in their ears. “If either of you need to stop, say ‘jagged.’” She liked the image that formed when she said the word—the jagged edge of a knife, something rough and uneven. She liked to get Kevin to a point where he was no longer sleek and smooth, but jagged in his own way, tumbling, tipping over, uncertain but clinging to that uncertainty because he always knew she’d take care of him. This was not their usual safeword, but a spontaneous one she gifted to them, a souvenir mouthful to ponder as she took her place.

Gemma started with her hand, which she always treated like the most delicate of instruments. She made sure her hands were soft to the touch, covering them at night with a special moisturizer and gloves. She paid meticulous attention to her manicure, needing her sharp red nails to signal to Kevin and the world just what kind of woman she was. She knelt down and found the most comfortable position with which to deliver her first smack. When she found it, she waited, counting silently to ten. She knew too many tops who rushed their scenes, so intent on their own dominant desires they forget that keeping a sub at their mercy is a torment in itself. Plus, making Kevin rest his hefty body on top of the blonde dreamboat gave her more time to admire the view. She could stare at his ass all day—forget bubble butts, give Gemma a solid, hairy, and, best of all, eager bottom like Kevin’s any day. There was more room to smack and stroke and squeeze and pinch, though she was well aware it would take some pretty firm smacks to jostle him against the blonde. She was up to the task.

When Gemma sensed that Kevin had started to relax an infinitesimal amount, she let loose with the first blow, digging her nails into his skin at the end for an added treat. “Thank you,” he murmured against the blonde’s neck, but the sound was drowned out by the next blow, which she’d already landed on the opposite cheek. Gemma heard whispers from the onlookers between each smack as she covered each cheek with successively harder blows. When her hand started to sting, Gemma decided to give Kevin his birthday present—or rather, give Kevin’s back the gift of her using his birthday present on him. “Your ass is going to get a break now,” she said to him. “But there’s more in store for it soon. I have something else planned for you. Are you both ready?”

Of course it was an unfair question. How could they be ready for something when they didn’t know what to expect? But they were subs, and good subs are always ready for anything, as long as they trust the person they’ve let control their fate. After getting a chorus of confirmation, Gemma took out the talons and allowed an eager boi from the crowd to place them on her dominant hand, her right.
You can get The Big Book of Domination at New York City's fabulous kinky store Purple Passion in Chelsea (211 W. 20th Street) as well as on Amazon, for Kindle (out December 30th), direct from publisher Cleis Press or at your local independent bookstore.

Not how I'd hold a whip if I was beating someone, FYI:

photo by Stacie Joy

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