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Monday, December 01, 2014

One of those days, or Cyber Monday is stressing me out

This morning, in my misguided attempt to get my newsletter out fast, I wrote "today, Monday, November 30th." I didn't realize it until a reader told me, so then I resent it with the correct date, only to have another reader point out that I had put a decidedly non-sex-positive book I was buying for research in the link I'd meant to use to share this video of me talking about sex writing. That's pretty much how my day's been going.

But, unlike the bulk of the weekend, I feel inspired and energized. Why? Because even though I had a few stumbling blocks, I did put work out there. I got helpful feedback from readers (thank you!) who are taking advantage of my free book offer. (Want to be up on the latest specials in my newsletter? Sign up at I sent some writing out to editors, soon to be out in the world. Some of it wasn't what I'd planned; I changed column topics at the last minute to give me more time to ponder the other one.

I have been stumped the last few days trying to figure out how to post to This, a very cool site that's in beta and is perfect for people like me, who try to do a million things at once. It's actually pretty easy, but even though I'm glued to my phone or laptop most of the time, I get frustrated when I can't figure out things instantly. Today I did, so that was a victory (this was the link I shared). It works somewhat like Twitter or Facebook, where you can share things with followers, but unlike those, you can only share links, and only one per day. It's a great way to see what people are reading and keep up with articles you may or may not find in your regular readings. Want an invite? I've got 5 of them. Email me at rachelkb at with "This" in the subject line and I'll send them to the first 5 who respond.

Which brings me to Cyber Monday. I was going to offer a deal today, but then I checked my inbox and was so utterly overwhelmed by seemingly hundreds of neverending emails about deals that I just couldn't do it. I feel bad enough that I did the spam-like thing of sending two newsletters in one morning. Last night, knowing that the Amazon 30% off coupon code was about to expire, I spent at least an hour browsing for books, because I felt like I "had" to use the code. Because isn't that what coupons are for? To be used? To not do so would be almost like wasting money.

Yes, that is not a logical way of thinking about shopping or bargains or money, but it's one that's deeply ingrained in me. I'm working on it, and on breaking things down into smaller, more manageable chunks. Because I have so many ideas and plans and stories I want to share, and will be soon. Today, though, I'm thankful it's December, which means I can get cracking on all the holiday cards I've amassed, I only have to wait a few more weeks to give my boyfriend his holiday presents, and I can put the crazy (good crazy and bad crazy, but overall pretty much madness) month of November behind me.

I did succumb, even though I've got lots of books to read for business and pleasure, and got Sarah MacLean's latest historical romance, Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover, the last in her Rules of Scoundrels series, featuring a woman in pants!



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