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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Washington, DC Erotica 101 writing workshop July 26 at 7 pm

I know it's a ways away but I wanted to share that I'll be teaching my Erotica 101 writing workshop on Saturday, July 26 at 7 p.m. at sex toy store Secret Pleasures in Washington, DC (1510 U Street NW). The cost is $20/person and you can sign up here. I've yet to visit Secret Pleasures so am looking forward to it; they've been a great supporter of my books and I'm working on a few more events this summer and fall and will post the dates as I have them.

Here's a little snippet from their review of The Big Book of Orgasms:
The fantastic thing about this book, like so many of Bussel’s other anthologies, is the wide range of sexual expression that can be found. So often, erotica focuses only on one gender or one type of sex – not so here. One of my favorite stories, “Hard Knocks” by Malin James, revolves around a challenge to make someone orgasm just by spanking them (hint: he succeeds)! “Squirt” by Evoe Thorne is a gorgeous story about an older butch / femme couple that take a vacation to their mountain cabin to reconnect with each other and they make it their goal to get each other to squirt for the first time. Their relationship is portrayed so beautifully and it was great to read erotica with an older couple at the forefront.

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