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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What people are saying about my erotica writing workshops

I'm gearing up to book some fall workshops (if you're interested, email me at rachelkramerbussel at in places like Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon, and hopefully Chicago, Milwaukee and Portland, Maine too, but I am revved up about teaching and want to visit more schools, stores, conferences, groups, etc. First up is New York City again on May 30 from 7:30-9 p.m. for New York Academy of Sex Education on the Upper East Side ($25/person, you must sign up in advance). Also sign up for the Academy's latest newsletter has details on all their upcoming workshops on things like embracing your inner sex geek, navigating non-monogamy and claiming beauty with the wonderful Jo Weldon, sexuality and disability, talking to your kids about sex and more (hint: some of them may be used as erotica fodder!).

Here's what people are saying about my workshops:

"Rachel Kramer Bussel's love of erotic creativity, the craft of writing and her desire to support fellow erotic writers is joyful to experience. In her workshop she will send you to the depth of your erotic imagination and leave you feeling inspired to explore, write and share like you never have before."
Ducky Doolittle

"Rachel's workshop at Self Serve provided a really excellent opportunity for writers interested in erotica to talk to and ask questions of a leader in the industry, who is incredibly friendly and accessible. Rachel shared with participants tips and tricks to find ways to keep erotica topics and writing interesting and new, which is a very valuable skill for writers."
Hunter Riley, Store Manager, Self Serve (Albuquerque)

Rachel Kramer Bussel brought her enthusiasm, sharp skills and years of experience to the class. The format allowed for plenty of writing time, sharing time and a good amount of Q and A. I think even professional writers would learn a lot from Rachel. She's definitely welcome back to teach in our store any time!"
Lucky Tomaszek, Education Coordinator, The Tool Shed (Milwaukee)

"I loved attending Rachel's Erotica Writing workshop. Whether you're a professional erotica writer or a hobbyist, her class has something for you. She's an excellent facilitator and gives valuable suggestions and feedback for making your writing sexier and more compelling."
Kate McCombs, sex educator at

"When Rachel gave a workshop at the University of Pennsylvania last year, she offered both her encouragement and her experience with erotic writing, with provocative writing prompts and plenty of erotica books for reference. Never before have Penn students been so keen to learn about writing as when Rachel was coaxing erotic stories out of them."
Arielle Pardes, UPenn student

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