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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Happy editor news: my college paper The Daily Californian wrote about my reading

Because I'm determined to make The Big Book of Orgasms not only my best book but my bestselling book, I Google it every day. For whatever beyond me technical reason, that process yields finds that my Google alerts don't. Maybe it's crazy, but today I discovered a happy surprise: my college newspaper The Daily Californian wrote about my recent San Francisco reading at Good Vibrations, complete with illustration:
The stories are well written and surprising. They are personal and political, and each one pushes taboo and reminds us that sex is much stranger and more varied than we think. I lose track of the pronouns, and I stop assuming I can guess what someone will read by how they look.
That made my day! I was also interviewed by contributor Victoria Blisse and at Madison Kink, a site all about kink in Madison, Wisconsin. From Madison Kink:
Do you use any past experiences in your stories?

My first few stories were largely autobiographical. Now I still use elements from my life in my fiction, but it’s less direct, more subtle or disguised. I might take something that happened to me and twist it around or put it into the experience of a very different character. I love the real-life moments that beg to be written about, the ones that seem to find my by chance. I like burying the secrets in the stories like little erotic Easter eggs.
So yes, I'm a crazy narcissistic Googler, but that also means I'm finding hidden gems about my favorite book and that makes it worth it. Authors and editors, I recommend both Google news alerts on your titles and a bit of searching to find what falls through the search engine cracks.

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