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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Help me fulfill my birthday goal of 100 reviews for The Big Book of Orgasms

Update: I've received well over 100 requests, so am not offering any more free copies, but if this book does well, there will be more free books in the future (the best place to find me giving them away is @raquelita on Twitter), so please help make that happen and check out the table of contents and introduction and show it some love on Goodreads and Amazon. Free excerpts on Tumblr. Thank you for fulfilling my birthday dream!

I'm turning 38 on November 10th. I'll be in Albuquerque, ahead of my workshop on November 12th at Self Serve Toys, and I've decided what I want for my birthday is 100 reviews on for my new, gorgeous anthology The Big Book of Orgasms. Follow along on the Tumblr, @BigBookofOrgasm on Twitter and Facebook for excerpts from all 69 stories.

So, how can you help? You must have a U.S. mailing address (sorry, I can't afford to send books overseas), an account you've made a purchase from and be willing to post your review by November 10th; I'll be sending books by media mail as soon as I get them, by the end of September. Reviews can be short - Amazon recommends 75 to 300 words, and the stories are all 1,200 words or less so you can read several in an hour. You get a free, autographed book and my thanks, and the knowledge that you helped me celebrate my birthday and helped my book succeed. Email orgasmantho at with "Amazon" in the subject line and your name and U.S. address in the body and I will send it to you very soon. Please only sign up if you can commit to posting your review by November 10th!

I'm putting everything I have into making this book a raving success, the bestseller of my 54 anthologies, and if it does as well as I'm hoping, I will hop on board to edit many more. I'm considering this a sort of test case/Ouija board to help direct me in my next career choices, and I love erotica so I want to keep doing it, but it only makes sense to do so if there's a wide audience for my books, so anything you can do to spread the word is wonderful. I have such a good feeling about this book and think it truly is a book of erotica that offers something for any reader.


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