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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

6 hot anal sex stories in my ebook Between the Cheeks

My just-published 6-story ebook Between the Cheeks: Anal Erotica is the perfect book to hold you over until the release of Baby Got Back: Anal Erotica (shipping to stores now!), or as an introduction to the topic! It's for sale for Kindle or Nook. And yes, careful readers may have read some of these before, but they're all here in one hot ass ebook.

Between the Cheeks final cover

Here's the table of contents:

Pink Satin Purse • Donna George Storey

As Long As You Don't Wake Me • Neil Gavriel

Apple Blossoms • Emerald

A Different Kind of Reality Show • D. L. King

Playing the Market • Angela Caperton

Worth It • Alison Tyler

And my introduction:

Anal Exploration

In popular culture, anal sex is often thought of as strictly a female receptive act—receptive to a penis, that is. Truth is, there's a wide range of anal pleasure to be had for people of all genders. In Between the Cheeks, that range is explored, savored, enjoyed. Each element of preparation, from fantasy and anticipation to tension, humiliation, curiosity and sheer delight, is drawn out, while all kinds of touch get their due.

Our desire for anal sex is often paired with mixed emotions—want plus fear, eagerness plus uncertainty. Good erotica plays up—and with—those fears, exaggerating them, exposing them, incorporating them into the story, since they are a part of life. In Neil Gavriel's "As Long As You Don't Wake Me," the male protagonist submits to his mistress, Jen, and even though he is eager to please her, aroused by the scenario, there is a part of him that is still a bit unsure:
“Just relax, you know you want it up there,” she said. And I did, in a way that was a little scary and raw to me. Of course, the reality was that I could do nothing to stop it, tied up and exposed as I was. That scared the hell out of me and excited me in equal measure.
After two women give him a threesome he wasn't quite expecting in Emerald's "Apple Blossoms," Brad is awed by what he's learned from these lovers—about their sexuality, and his own. "He stood in front of us, an unquestionable humility reflected in his eyes, his chest moving perceptibly as he finished catching his breath."

As you read on, you'll find strap-on play (pegging), rimming (analingus), anal intercourse and more, though certainly there are plenty of other anal delights a person can enjoy. Each story details not only the physical responses of the characters, but the mental ones, highlighting the mixed emotions that can make anal play, from either end (pun intended), so exciting. Here's Donna George Storey in "Pink Satin Purse," as Natalie discovers the intoxicating power she holds over her Keenan as he awaits her touch—and tongue:
Her hands wandered over his backside freely, stroking his thick, strong thighs, raking slippery fingers over his tensed buttocks, hard as iron. But when her finger somehow found its way into his valley, she faltered, caught off guard by the tender, silky flesh. Even more surprising was her husband’s deep sigh of response. Her chest tightened. As if she’d crawled into his skin, she felt the electric shudder of being touched in this forbidden place, a witch’s brew of shame and pleasure.
I hope these stories excite, arouse and encourage you to explore anal eroticism—talking and fantasizing about it, as well as engaging in it, with whatever body parts and sex toys (and plenty of lube!) you desire.

Rachel Kramer Bussel

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