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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lightning Van is an awesome New York moving company

I used Lightning Van for my move and highly recommend them! They really did an amazing job, and were super fast and very cheap. Here's what I posted on Yelp, where you can also check out lots of other reviews:
I used Lightning Van to move from a third floor walkup in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to an apartment in Red Bank, New Jersey. They were exactly on time, moved my stuff in one hour and were done with the whole thing in under three and a half hours. I wasn't as ready as I could have been and they were okay with my last minute additions to their haul and allowed me to survey whether I needed to add anything else several times before they finished. They were extremely fast and courteous, and the price was fantastic (the estimate was what it wound up costing). I would highly recommend them, both for the price and the service. I actually wished I had more stuff I could put in the van, which holds more than it looks like (I did not have any major furniture save for one bookcase).

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