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Saturday, May 11, 2013

10 reasons I love my new apartment

In ten days, I move from the Brooklyn apartment I've lived in since March 2000 to the fabulous apartment my boyfriend found for us in Red Bank, New Jersey. I've been counting down the days, and am actually writing this post from our new apartment, which I absolutely love. So in honor of new beginnings, here are ten reasons I'm excited to move. In some ways it reminds me of where I grew up in Teaneck, and in other was it's different. It's small enough that I get the feeling of community but big enough that hopefully there's plenty to explore. After how challenging moving has been, I doubt I'll want to move any time soon, if ever.

1. My boyfriend - without him, I wouldn't have even considered moving. We've had essentially a long distance relationship since last January, and I can't wait to be able to build a life with him and see him every day.

2. The apartment - it feels so grown up after living in a home with no closets, no wifi, no bathtub. My bedroom is painted blue, for the little boy who used to live there. I kept it, because I like the color. 3. Change - I am usually so averse to change that the only way to really make a change is to make a drastic, big one. I like that I'm moving far enough away from my former home that I really do get the chance to start over, in every way. I was 24 when I moved in there, 20 when I moved to 240 Mercer Street. I'm a lot different, and hopefully a wiser person now.

4. NJ Transit - I can come and go as I please, no cars needed! I can get to Manhattan in 70-90 minutes for just $14.75. Most of the places I'll need to go on a regular basis I can walk to. I love that. I am a big fan of public transportation, but now that the prospect of not taking the subway every day is before me, I'm excited for the break from it.

5. Two River Theater Company - we can walk to this theater, so bonus points right there. Last night we saw 2.5 Minute Ride by Lisa Kron, her one woman show about her father, the Holocaust, roller coasters and family, my first time seeing her perform (her theatrical adaptation of Alison Bechdel's bestselling memoir Fun Home comes to The Public Theater this fall). It was a great show and the building is impressive and I'm looking forward to next season.

6. Count Basie Theatre - another theater we can walk to. Shawn Colvin just played this past week, and it hosts everything from music to dance to comedy.

7. The library - Scrabble every Saturday! I will take a break from playing Words with Friends for this.

8. Good Karma Cafe - vegan yumminess like the Love Bowl:

9. Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash - I don't actually read comic books, though I do like graphic novels, but I like that this shop, setting of reality show Comic Book Men, is right here. Maybe I'll start reading comic books!

10. Workout World - gonna get Jersey Strong at my new gym!

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At May 11, 2013, Blogger Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hi Rachel:

Congratulations and best of luck in your new home! :-)

I am also a transplanted New Yorker. Grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Her Majesty and I are very happy in Philly. Less stress, more trees, fewer people, less expensive and more of a small town feel. I do miss the excitement of NYC sometimes but it is close enough that visiting is easy.




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