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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Why I'm thinking of switching from a Nook to a Kindle

I feel very stupid when I can't get my technology to work, so even though I will hopefully get it resolved soon, I will not be pre-ordering any more books on my Nook and may even switch to a Kindle. I was all excited to read Murder is a Piece of Cake by Elaine Viets on the treadmill today, so much so that I pre-ordered it, and apparently that was the very wrong thing to do because now it just says "preorder" and won't open even though today is the pub day, November 6th. @BNBuzz on Twitter told me to archive, then unarchive it, which I tried to do, so I will head over at a Barnes & Noble but I don't really have time for that. Good lesson to me not to pre-order, and I think I may look into getting a Kindle because then I can borrow Kindle books for free, I believe.

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