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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Death and cliches

I'm off for 2 days in Chicago. Found out last night via Facebook, which I guess I have been remiss in checking, that a friend's partner passed away. They have two extremely sweet little kids and my heart breaks for everyone. I had this thought last night that death is so final and then mocked myself for such a pithy thought, but you know what? There's really not much else I have to offer on the subject of death. I haven't known many people my age who've died, which I know makes me very fortunate. I talk to my grandparents and I know they can't say the same. It's heartbreaking, and I am sending my love to all of them. I was heartened to see that all the slots at Take Them a Meal were filled in, which showed me how much love is being shared.

I usually change the subject when death or wills or anything associated comes up, but last night I was talking to my boyfriend and I said something about not having life insurance, and he said that he arranged it for me through the health insurance I'm getting via his job. It didn't make me less sad, but it was exactly the kind of caretaking he excels at and that I've never had in a relationship before, the kind that isn't about just the moment, but forever.

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