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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Free Cheeky Spanking Stories excerpt: "Birthday Boy" by Cecilia Duvalle

My fifth book of spanking erotica, Cheeky Spanking Stories (click to read the introduction and table of contents), is out now! The Kindle and Nook ebook versions will be out October 16th and I'll be posting excerpts from every day here. Here's a free excerpt from the second story, "Birthday Boy," about a woman's introduction into the thrill of wielding a whip. If you like it, please check out the entire book and click "like" on Amazon (it does help, and the the privilege of editing in the future and, trust me, I hope there are many, many more, it's my favorite topic to write and edit erotica about).

From "Birthday Boy" by Cecilia Duvalle:

Marta’s fingers trembled. She dropped the black cord she had been struggling with and pushed her palms flat onto the counter in front of her, willing herself into a state of calmness. She met her reflection in the mirror and sucked in air until her lungs seemed ready to explode. She let the breath out in a long slow hiss before returning to the task of lacing up the leather corset she’d purchased just the week before.

The softness of the leather had surprised her. In the pictures of women wearing such things, the corsets seemed so stiff and unyielding, but in fact the fabric was pliable and comfortable against her skin. Just smelling the sweet muskiness of it sent shivers of expectation through her body. The stiff boning provided the structure without reducing the erotic suppleness of the leather against her bare skin. She tightened the strings to cinch in her waist for a bit more shape but left it loose enough that she could still breathe. She had no desire to pass out.

She turned to the floor-to-ceiling mirror behind her for the full effect. The short skirt, the matching corset and the knee-high boots were over the top, but that’s what she had been aiming for. Something new. Something dramatic, transformative. She looked fucking hot. The outfit hid the flaws of her aging body and augmented her assets. No panties underneath left her with an airy and exotic buzzy feeling between her legs. Just seeing her reflection was enough to get her juices flowing. She clenched her thighs together in response to the growing warmth and to keep the liquid from flowing like a river into her boots.

She glanced at her iPhone on the counter. She had less than ten minutes before Carl was supposed to arrive. He’d sounded rather bemused by her directions but did not question them. He was going to be expecting sex. But did he have any idea what she really had in mind?

“Meet me at the Alexis Hotel at seven, Room Seven-Thirty-Five,” she’d said when he asked about their plans for the evening. She’d assured him that his birthday would be fun. She had never actually asked him about what she had planned. It was just awkward. How do you talk to someone you’ve been married to for twenty years about sex? What hasn’t been said? What possibly could be new? It turned out there was plenty on both counts, and Marta was beginning a new dialogue. She just hoped he would engage—and she hoped he would do it without laughing at her.

The seed for the evening had been planted a year before. She’d been reading a story from a dirty magazine as part of their foreplay. His reaction to the story had been dramatic. His cock had grown harder with every syllable as she read to him. Later, as she rode him cowgirl style, she grabbed his wrists, pushing them into the mattress, and pinned him in place. They had both come fast and hard before collapsing into breathless giggles of mutual contentment. Pretty simple play, but it was the start. She began reading more stories to him and after a while, she put two and two together. Those that involved the woman taking charge made him harder faster and caused him to last longer than other stories...

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