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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cheeky Spanking Stoires excerpt: "Unwrapping" by Craig J. Sorensen

My fifth book of spanking erotica, Cheeky Spanking Stories (click to read the introduction and table of contents), is out now! The Kindle and Nook ebook versions will be out October 16th and I'll be posting excerpts from every day here. Here's a free excerpt from the third story, "Unwrapping," a charming punishment story. If you like it, please check out the entire book and click "like" on Amazon (it does help, and the the privilege of editing in the future and, trust me, I hope there are many, many more, it's my favorite topic to write and edit erotica about).

You stand, still as a startled rabbit measured by a circling cougar. You look so polished in your silver silk blouse, the antique silver pendant dangling down your chest. The monochrome of your light clothes and jewelry brings your warm cinnamon skin to life, accents the gold-brown hair brushing your shoulders. You look tactile, stylish, warm and so out of place here in my cold domain. So stunning, I almost forget why I brought you down.


Your eyes follow me, questioning. I pause behind you and study the curve of your butt beneath your perfectly fitted white linen pants. I almost grip it. I circle and your eyes, big and brown, ascend until you tip your head back and meet my gaze. Your eyelids are painted soft silver but are wrapped in razor surprise. You bite your lip, and I think you may want to smile. You have to know what this is about.

I reach between your breasts and you hold your breath. I release the top button of your blouse. You exhale just slightly and I open the next button. The tiny strip of shiny fabric at the center of your rib cage comes into view, joins the silver cups of your bra. “You know why we’re here, don’t you?”

You shake your head ever so gently.

I trace up the inside of your blouse to the collar, then back to the next button that remains clasped. You cannot deny it. Don’t even try.

You exhale fully and reach up, the silver rings on your fingers and thumb sparkle like your long, manicured silver nails. You circle the big ring on your right index finger and start to pull it off.

I push your hand back down. “Leave it on, Erin.” I stare at your blouse.

You bite your lip. There is a hint of a smile, and you lift your brow. You continue what I started and open each button down your stomach, pause briefly to look in my eyes again before you pull the tail of your blouse out from your pants. You unbutton each of your cuffs. Your arms fall limp.

I reach up to your collar and open your blouse, ease it down over your shoulders. Again your eyes tilt ever so slightly to look at me. Don’t give me that look. You have to know what this is about. One close look at the boxes, carefully and precisely stacked, was all it took for me to know. “You know what you did.”

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