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Thursday, August 23, 2012

My story "Flaunting It" in new ebook Too Fast for Love

The ebook Too Fast for Love: Opportunist Encounters just came out today, and is available for just $1.99 for 10 stories on Kindle or Nook. My couple celebrating their 27th anniversary exhibitionism and adventure Las Vegas story is called "Flaunting It" and here's teaser. I chose the Mandarin Oriental because that's where the negging PUA (pickup artist) tried to pick me up. I thought the setting was beautiful. I'm always on the lookout for a good setting, though I also think a "good" setting can be anywhere with the right wordplay. I will share more on that Monday night at my San Francisco Good Vibrations erotic writing workshop - if you know anyone in the Bay Area who wants to write erotica, please let them know!
Recently, though, while celebrating our twenty-seventh anniversary in Las Vegas (we celebrate every year, rather than simply waiting for the "big" anniversaries), we took our predilection for perversity to a new level. Aside from those women we'd bedded together, and a few steamy kisses at parties, I'd never been with anyone other than Brent, and definitely not another man. Oh, I'd looked plenty, online and off, and had my share of fantasies, but up until then, simply telling Brent about my naughtiest daydreams had been enough. That was my way of flaunting it, and whenever my friends would tell me about lusting after their coworker, lawn guy, painter, or plumber in hushed tones, I'd wow them with stories of brazenly flirting right in front of my husband, and how hard it made him. The logical extension of these flirtations was something I'd been nervous about, always balking at actually taking things to the next level, but something about turning fifty had made me just a little bit bolder. I knew I looked good for my age, could pass for ten years younger, if I wanted to, even though I'd let the gray overtake the brown.

Maybe it took that milestone to make me want to see what it was actually like to take another man to bed. The mere thought of it made me giddy with a kind of desire I hadn't felt since my earliest dates with Brent. We decided that we'd try it out and if I met a man who tickled my fancy, I could go as far as I desired, as long as Brent could watch. I donned a black silk dress that was in stark contrast to the jeans and t-shirts on the crowd in the casino at The Flamingo, where we were staying. We'd chosen the Mandarin Oriental, since it didn't have a casino, as the debut of the new me, and booked a room there in hopes of using it as a home away from "home," as it were. Taking another man back to the bed where I'd been intimate with Brent would be a bit much, even for me. I wanted a clean slate for what felt like losing a different kind of virginity. It took us a while to get out the door after our room service meal, though, because Brent was so obviously, achingly hard, I had trouble keeping my hands, not to mention my mouth, off of him. By the time I'd given him an extremely agile blowjob, followed by him returning the favor as I sat on his face, my hair was mussed enough to require another brushing...

Just as he put his glass down and reached for my hip, Brent got up and angled his way toward the bar. "Excuse me," he said as he jostled us. I thought I might come right there on the spot, with my boy-toy on my left, my husband on my right. Brent managed to convey all that he needed to in one lightning-quick, red-hot glance. I wanted to kiss him, then turn and kiss Andre, and if I'd thought Andre would've gone for a little triple play action, at that moment I'd have gone for it. Our little naughty experiment had turned me into a wild woman!

Instead I let Brent order his scotch while Andre's hand roamed. When we took a break, I headed toward the bathroom, where I found a text from Brent. "Go for it, baby," it said. "Take him back to the room and let me know when you're done. I wish I could be there to watch, but I'll be more than happy to hear about it." Just reading the words made me wet, my mind racing with possibilities as the hairs on my arms stood on end.

Oh my God. I wanted to ask if he was sure, I wanted to pause and analyze whether this was a positive step in our relationship. Okay, that's not exactly true; the rational, logical, organized side of me wanted to do that; the rest of me shivered in excitement, knowing I was about to taste and feel and touch a new man. That Brent wasn't just okay with what I was doing, but seemed as eager as I was, made me have even deeper respect for him.

I hurried back to Andre and settled myself flush against him. "Well, well, well," he said, smiling at me with those beautiful lips before using them to kiss the side of my neck, tenderly at first, then with a bit of tongue, followed by a light nipping of his teeth. I moaned softly, aware that we were probably the only people engaging in a public display of affection at the bar. "Nadine," he said, his voice husky and sweet. "You are so beautiful." I didn't hear a hint of "so beautiful for your age" or "so beautiful because I want to fuck you" in his voice. All I heard were those four words, and they in turn were beautiful to me.
Read my whole story and 9 others in Too Fast for Love: Opportunistic Encounters for only $1.99. I'm working on lots of hot new stories too, for my solo collection and other anthologies, just need to finish them up.

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