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Friday, June 01, 2012

10 hours of trivia and one fun "Eye of the Tiger" video montage

I am super excited about Sunday's 10-hour Big Quiz Thing trivia bonanza! I don't remember when I started going to Big Quiz Thing, but it was likely 20012, because I used to go with my ex K in 2003 at The Slipper Room. I have bounced around from various teams, dated my share of trivia players, once gone up in the final round and was so excited about knowing Justin Bieber's age it was okay that I somehow missed the answers related to an issue of Us Weekly I had just read, and so much more. BQT is a trivia night, yes, but it's also a community of friendly nerds. I interviewed Quizmaster Noah Tarnow in 2004 for Gothamist. I am not the person who tends to know a lot of answers (although, hilariously, I correctly guessed George R. R. Martin last time, though we wound up putting something else) but I always have such a fun time. BQT is one of my very favorite things to do in New York City and if you are at all curious, I think it's safe to say this will be an incredibly memorable, one-of-a-kind marathon event. Get your tickets here. Whether or not you're in New York or don't care about trivia but do enjoy 80's pop culture, check out this video:

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