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Friday, May 18, 2012

Interview with Portland Book Review

From an interview I did with Portland Book Review when I was there. Lots of inspiration this week for new pieces that I hope to have homes for soon! I'm wrapping up some anthologies and hoping that you all bombard me with submissions for my orgasm and anal sex anthologies by June 1st! Guidelines here.
Brad: What kind of challenges are you seeing as anthology editor? Rachel: There’s a lot of great writing on the Internet, but most of that is cut off at a particular word count, it’s able to be read in two minutes. Some of the meatier, “think-ier” pieces that I like, need to be expanded. In a book it may look too light. Or, some things that are published in light of news events, in 6 months will need to have more analysis. There’s also a lot of overlap on what writers are submitting. I will get a lot of pieces dealing with feminism and sexuality. Which are totally valid topics, but there’s a lot of other stuff happening in the culture. There’s a large segment of the population that think that sex is a private topic, that we shouldn’t be writing about it publicly, I think that kind of thinking leads to people feeling ashamed or confused. I think opening up these spaces, real life spaces and on the internet is a positive thing.


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