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Friday, November 04, 2011

6 fun, free and cheap events I'm looking forward to

Once again, if my photos are all a mess, SORRY, but blog fixing is last on my priority list. Working for myself full-time is still a gigantic adjustment in every way and means, literally, day and night, because I'm trying to cram so much in and keep track of my thoughts. Would that I had some Vyvanse but I don't so it's just me but I am doing my best and...well, I cannot wait until I'm 36. Life will surely be better then (next week, cool plans for that day that I will share when I can!) but in the meantime, hustlemania. Now that I am taking a break from dating until November 2012, I will hopefully have a little more mental space and time to focus on what I should be doing, rather than what I shouldn't.

I do like the new Blogger, especially because it allows us at Cupcakes Take the Cake to circumvent the 5,000 label limit, which we surpassed long ago. But still, growing pains. I get used to certain systems and when they change, my brain takes a while to catch up. Hopefully you'll keep reading.

Who says NYC has to be expensive? All of these events are FREE! Perfect for my budget. Our cupcake meetup is buy your own, but since I plan to taste all the flavors I haven't tasted yet, I'm happy to share. Join us! Or just drool over our photos at Cupcakes Take the Cake and @cupcakeblog on Twitter.

November 5, 2 pm Cupcake meetup at Brooklyn Cupcake 335 Union Avenue, between Grand and Maujer Williamsburg, Brooklyn

guava con queso cupcake! photo by me

November 5, 8 pm - 11 pm QUEER MEMOIR: Speaking the Truth to Power

QUEER MEMOIR is NYC's only queer storytelling event. This month we'l; be hearing from a bunch of really fascinating folks with amazing stories, all on the theme of Speaking the Truth to Power. Please join us. The suggested donation is 5-10 bucks to cover costs, but if you want to come and and don't have the cash PLEASE just come anyway. No one ever turned away.

Even as LGBT characters and “out” celebrities become more common in pop culture and mainstream media, the richness and complexity of real queer lives is still undervalued and often invisible. Queer Memoir attempts to provide an avenue to share queer lives and celebrate the ritual and community-building value of storytelling.


We have some amazing storytellers sharing at this month's salon:

Ryann Holmes Amber Dawn Nick Krieger Dan Horrigan Lea Robinson

Monday, November 7, 7 pm

NACHO BINGO! (I'm not 100% sure what this is but since I love both those things and The West Cafe, I'm so there) The West Cafe 379 Union Avenue Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Can we give a big giant round of applause for theaters sponsoring free events? We need more more more of that! I found out about this via the Rattlestick Theater newsletter, and The Skint is always a great source for free and cheap NYC events, giveaways and more. I remembered Erin Courtney's name from reading Ida's liner notes a looooong time ago, and then it turned out we had a mutual friend. I don't know her, but I am excited to see this performance and happy that I can be free (still feels crazy that my afternoon is open) to go to this. I'm including the upcoming dates too just so you have the info; I'll be at Tuesday's for HONEY DROP.

Cherry Lane Theatre and Rattlestick Playwrights Theater present

RATTLESTICK TONGUES: a reading series

First up:

Tuesday, November 8th at 2pm

HONEY DROP by Erin Courtney

Tuesday, November 15th at 2pm COLLISION by Lyle Kessler

Tuesday, November 22nd at 2pm

OH, THE POWER by David Bar Katz

Stay tuned for more!

All readings held at Cherry Lane Theatre.

Admission is free. Reservations at

Jessie Oleson's Tour de Sweet for Cakespy Presents!

November 9, 2 pm Butter Lane, 123 E. 7th Street, NYC

November 10, 7 pm Baked, 359 Van Brunt Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn

Not in NYC? Visit for tour dates, recipes and more - also you MUST visit her Capitol Hill store if you're in Seattle. It rocks.


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