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Monday, October 31, 2011

Breakfast menu at Sweet Revenge in Greenwich Village = amazing!

Sweet Revenge owner Marlo Scott had me at red velvet Belgian waffles:

But even those three words didn't prepare me for the wonder of just how they would taste: light, fluffy, and delicious, especially with whipped cream cheese, raspberry sauce and (!!) salted caramel sauce. Part of the reason I rarely order pancakes or waffles for breakfast, aside from being an egg lover, is that they seem so heavy. Even when they're good it's as if a bomb is going off in my stomach. They're heavy and too much. These are not that. These are light, and my fork sank right into them. We almost had to battle over them. Even with the sauces they weren't too much, but the perfect texture and fluffiness and taste. The red was, as you can see below, not the glowingly too-bright red of food dye, but a more natural red (I don't know exactly what's in them) and I think that affected the taste. I still would probably get something savory first, and then the waffles to share. They're amazing, and a perfect winter comfort food.

red velvet waffles

This morning, the first day of their new breakfast menu, Nichelle and I ate breakfast there today and sampled our way through the entire menu. Some photos below, and more on Flickr. If you're in Greenwich Village, I highly recommend checking them out. Their food options have expanded greatly, and there's now also lunch on the menu, but save room for dessert! I didn't try to fleur de sel salted caramel apples but how amazing do they look? Want!

They bill themselves as "NYC's only cupcake, beer and wine bar," but clearly they are so much more. I've also never been there when a regular customer didn't come in and chat, and get greeted by name. For more about their cupcakes, see Cupcakes Take the Cake's Sweet Revenge coverage, including an interview with Marlo from November 2008. (Meal was comped by Sweet Revenge, and was so good I just suggested it as a breakfast spot on Wednesday. I'd eat all of these every day if I could. Seriously delicious.) Breakfast is served from 7 am to 10:30 a.m. Monday-Friday.

breakfast menu (click here to see larger image)

pumpkin quiche

It was a tossup between the pumpkin quiche and the breakfast burrito with awesome salsa as to my favorites. I liked the pumpkin quiche because it was very fresh and pumpkin-y and savory and hearty. It was filling and warm and had an interesting taste as well as a creamy texture. It felt like the healthiest thing on the menu and just very comforting to eat. The burrito was very warm and I didn't eat it by holding it like a sandwich, but with a fork (it was a little messy). Hot in both senses of the word.

egg burrito

Egg sandwich da Sorrentine

outside and inside the Scotch egg

bread pudding! (OMG this was warm and rich and sweet and delicious - only sad thing was I was pretty full so could only manage a bite. Save room!)

Sweet Revenge
62 Carmine Street
New York, NY 10014
(212) 242-2240


@sweetrevengenyc on Twitter

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