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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Read this if you like Greek myths and YA: Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs

Thank you to Amazon Vine for sending me Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs (also available in a Kindle edition). Visit her blog for a chance to win a copy!

My review:

I've been a fan of all of Tera Lynn Childs' YA novels, and this new series delivers on its premise and more! Taking another cue from Greek myth, this time Medusa, she presents a new series featuring triplets Gretchen, Grace and Greer. Gretchen is an old hat at accessing her superpowers and fighting smelly monster all over San Francisco; she's tough, from her Kevlar wrist cuffs to the daggers she stores in her boots. Grace and Greer discover their powers and have to both make sense of them, and the danger they're in, and come to terms with no longer being "normal."

The dragons are colorful and creative, looking to anyone not able to see their true nature like regular people, but the girls can see the truly hideous outsides and their murderous intent. Childs once again makes mythology come alive as each sister uses what she knows, along with a little help from some special elders, to help her do her duty. There's also the requisite cute boys, or in Greer's case, a mock surfer stud; Greer's chapters are among the most fun, because she's got the most to lose.

This is a delightful start to a trilogy, and even though I remembered almost nothing about Medusa, I quickly learned about the myth (or, in Sweet Venom's world, the "myth" of the myth). I'm not really a gore lover, but the scenes where the girls have to use their literal sweet venom to attack are fun and the girl power here is not the Spice Girls kind, but the creative, ingenious, bonding kind. I'm looking forward the next installments in the series.

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