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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Me me me!

Very excited about this. I've been editing away, plus writing lots of fiction, a smattering of nonfiction, and much purging and plotting and big decision making as I get ready to turn 36 on November 10th, much sooner than I feel ready for. I pegged some big goals to that date that I'm not going to meet, but I want to get closer. I think by making mistakes, I learn how to behave going forward. Hopefully. Sometimes tenth time's the charm.

I know, birthdays are arbitrary and all but still, this feels big, but also one I'm eagerly anticipating to rid myself of 35. Just the number and all it embodies has started to feel ugly and hateful and I don't think I will truly forgive myself for my actions until that number turns. With Yom Kippur approaching, I have much to atone for, but also much to look forward to, among them teaching Erotica 101 at Momentumcon and Cupcake Cruising to Bermuda. This Tweet was from our Obsessed Twitter chat; stay tuned for a Women in Lust chat sponsored by EdenFantasys on November 8th from 7-8 pm EST.

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