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Friday, August 05, 2011

"When the boy comes, he screams like a..."

Those are the first eight words of "Secret Places" by Adele Haze, from Obsessed: Erotic Romance for Women. It's my first time publishing her work and I'm very excited to have her in the book and this story is sweet in its way, sexy too, but I like the sweetness, and the realness, and the way all three comingle. You can follow her @AdeleHaze on Twitter, where she Tweeted this image of the first page of her story.

And here's another little sneak peek:

She doesn’t know much about giving pain beyond what she has seen or read by chance, but she believes in careful experimentation; with this in mind, she pushes Dan onto his back, slides on top of him and sinks her teeth into his shoulder. He yells, but keeps perfectly still. His cock is trapped between their bodies; she revels in how hard he has grown. She unclenches her teeth and carefully licks the bitten spot; the boy relaxes a little, but it’s not long before her teeth have found a new target, eliciting a moan of pain. She leaves a trail of tooth marks down his arms, across his chest; makes him scream as her teeth close on his nipples.

Read the whole story in Obsessed!

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