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Thursday, August 04, 2011

These kitty headphones totally reflect how I'm feeling right now

You can buy them at Shana Logic. I did! Excited to wear them out and about. Just got my 2012 Cleis Press book schedule, and am working on completing a few stories and putting finishing touches on Best Sex Writing 2012, which I daresay is going to totally rock. I feel excited about writing and editing and a lot of things again.

Anyway, I'm trying to wean myself off of personal blogging and start using my (still blank) gratitude journal and regular journal and such but since I know I can be somewhat doom and gloom online, I wanted to share that I'm just happy and excited, which is a nice switch from being so stressed that any slight snag in my plans makes me feel like I'm going to collapse. I finally sense that everything is going to be okay, at minimum, and hopefully better than okay, and I truly treasure that feeling.


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