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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Scorpio sex in hot historical romance Star Crossed Seduction by Jenny Brown

I'm debating whether to buy this just-published romance novel, Star Crossed Seduction, in paperback or on my Nook (and also a bit confused as to Barnes & Noble's loyalty program - I believe it doesn't cover Nook purchases, but if it does, then I haven't used it on the 10 or so purchases I've made and cannot for the life of me figure out how to). Anyway, ever since I read Jenny Brown's debut novel Lord Lightning I've been eager to read this. Go Scorpios! I've started a lot of historicals that I wound up putting down but hers made me race through it and almost not want it to end cause I was enjoying it so much, so I hope this one is just as good.

Read an excerpt free at Scribd

Jenny Brown has a great post (originally intended for the Borders Trueromance blog, alas) on her blog about the book, including:

One sentence summary: In this Scorpio-themed book, a war-weary Cavalry officer, who is looking for a night of dalliance, rescues a beautiful pickpocket from arrest, but their casual encounter leads to a no holds barred battle of the sexes that threatens their very lives--unless they can heal their wounded hearts.

Tell us one quirky thing about your hero? Trev is fluent in several of the languages of India and has earned a reputation as being an expert in the interpretation of Sanskrit manuscripts--including the Kama Sutra.

What is your heroine’s occupation: After the death of her lover, the revolutionary, Temperance and two young girls have supported themselves by picking pockets. Their only alternative was to work for the local bawd, Mother Bristwick.

What is your hero’s occupation: Trev, who grew up in a military family, is a cavalry officer recently returned from fighting in India's Third Maratha War. But his real love is the "little jobs" he undertakes from time to time for the scheming head of India's Political and Secret Department.

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