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Friday, July 22, 2011

Interview with me on sexuality and feminism up at

A new interview with me is up at on feminism and sexuality and Judaism. Thank you, Chanel Dubofsky!

If my answers aren't that insightful, apologies - I feel like my brain hasn't been working very well lately and trying to have coherent thoughts is, um, impossible? Close to it, but I'm powering through. I have one piece out that I don't want to jinx, but was a very exciting first step in moving toward where I want to be, and other things in the works if I can manage to focus. Here's looking at you, Wellbutrin! Just kidding...I mean, I am starting it and, again, I had wanted to write more about that but the words failed me. Ideas I have, but what comes out is a sloppy mess. Hopefully, this weekend will be productive. Actually, scratch that. It will or I will be in big trouble. Hi, deadlines, I promise to treat you better, I've been a bitch. Sorry!


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