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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Salted caramel macaroons by Danny Macaroons!

Another TECHmunch find was Danny Macaroons - whoa! These are not the macaroons from a can I grew up eating at Passover seders. They had salted caramel, which was out of this world, and banana chocolate (I think that was the flavor) which was good, but not as good as salted caramel. They're also on Facebook and @DannyMacaroons on Twitter. Do yourself a favor and find them. I might have said this but I'm doing the Tim Ferriss slow carb diet (but I incorporate yogurt and fruit) because I'm so tired of hating my body and I also want to eat healthier and make sure I get in my vegetables (speaking of which, all greens juice at Liquiteria=awesome). More on that and how Facebook inspired me to rededicate myself to it bigtime later, though the real "later" will be Labor Day weekend when I'm hoping to truly see some improvement. But anyway, you get a cheat day, so yesterday was mine.

salted caramel macaroon=so good!

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At June 16, 2011, Blogger danny said...

thanks, rachel :)


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