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Friday, June 03, 2011

Announcing the Table of Contents for Women in Lust

I'm so thrilled with the gorgeous, gorgeous cover Cleis Press gave me for Women in Lust, which will be out just in time for my 36th birthday and features a stellar lineup of international writers. What's inside promises t be just as sexy as the cover. Once I get it back from copyediting I'll post my introduction. For now, you can pre-order it from Amazon (if you're planning to buy it, this helps sales because pre-orders let stores/online shops know that there's an audience and they buy more, and, generally, the better my books do, the bigger the print runs, the more opportunities I get to edit more) and I'll add to the official site and link to it when I can. I'm trying to wean myself off buying postcards for books because they wind up littering (literally) my apartment but for this one I may feel compelled to, in a small quantity.

Another happy editorial aspect of this book and most of my recent ones is working with authors I've never worked with before. Sorry if I miss any of you, but in this case, that means Lucy Hughes, Del Carmen, Brandy Fox, Kin Fallon and Kayar Silkenvoice. I do my best to include new (to me) authors in all my books and am thrilled to be able to keep doing so. This is an extremely hot and wide-ranging book that I think you'll enjoy. So more about it closer to the pub date.

Women in Lust
Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Introduction: Ladies Who Lust

Naughty Thoughts Portia Da Costa
Guess Charlotte Stein
Her, Him and Them Aimee Pearl
Bayou Clancy Nacht
Smoke Elizabeth Coldwell
Bite Me Lucy Hughes
Ride a Cowboy Del Carmen
Queen of Sheba Jen Cross
Hot for Teacher Rachel Kramer Bussel
Unbidden Brandy Fox
Something to Ruin Amelia Thornton
Guitar Hero Kin Fallon
Ode to a Masturbator Aimee Herman
Orchid Jacqueline Applebee
Cherry Blossom by Kayar Silkenvoice
Rain Olivia Archer
The Hard Way Justine Elyot
Strapped K D Grace
Beneath My Skin Shanna Germain
Comfort Food Donna George Storey

Here's a little teaser from my back to school story "Hot for Teacher" - you'll have to buy the book to read the whole thing!

From "Hot for Teacher" by Rachel Kramer Bussel:

Then, staring at herself in the mirror, Meredith lifted her right breast and tucked her head down so she could suck on her own nipple. The flood of emotion and arousal was so intense she had to lean her left hand against the counter. She spread her legs, wondering if Professor Arthur was circumcised, picturing his cock as big and thick and aching just for her. She kept going, making sure to watch her every move, so that when she did go to her hot professor’s office hours, it wasn’t as a true schoolgirl, skittish and nervous, relying on her youthful charm and giggly giddiness, but as a mature woman who could tap into that spirit, but also had something more to offer. For all her pleated-skirt fantasies, what Meredith wanted was to be treated like a womanæa woman who knew exactly what she wanted, even if what she wanted was to be manhandled by a younger nerdy man who just so happened to hold her academic future in his hands.

She searched her closet, determined to find something there capable of seduction. She could afford to shop, at least a little, but Meredith wanted something familiar, a reminder that even in all these years when dating had taken a backseat to the mundane truths of Real Life and mothering, she’d remembered the girl who threw her bra onstage and got fingered backstage, who was wet and wild and carefree. She rummaged and rummaged and finally, in the back of the closet, found a red and purple dress she vaguely remembered buying, if not wearing. There were no tags on it, but the purple silk outlining the red shimmery fabric made her smile. She immediately shucked off her t-shirt and jeans and slipped it over her head, seeing that she’d need a new bra, one to be worn strategically peeking out from beneath this dress’s straps.

She turned sideways, admiring the way the dress clung to her breasts, proud of them, proud of herself for not having even considered having them lifted or added to, the way so many of the women she knew had done. Meredith cupped her hands over her breasts, letting her nipples peek out, hoping Professor Arthur would like her in this dress, like her as more than a student. She decided maybe she didn’t need a bra, after all--or panties. If she was going to go for it, she was going to go for it.

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