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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

LOST Love party, Sex Rules! with Maria Falzone, The Big Jewcy party at Brooklyn Winery

I'm trying to be more of a homebody these days, but NYC is a tough place to do that. Baby steps...tonight I skipped a party and even skipped a jigsaw puzzle date (yes, that is my kind of date) to chill and have some quiet time to get my head together. And hopefully write about masturbation, booty calls, Bridesmaids and a few other pending topics. And read my friend Robin Palmer's brand-new tween novel, the latest in the series, Yours Truly, Lucy B. Parker: Vote for Me!.

So on Thursday night I'm eager to meet the LOST magazine crew at Lolita Bar (6-9) for the LOST Love issue party (my super sad true essay is called "You," I wrote it as part of a promise I haven't been keeping lately but was doing decently with earlier in the year to always submit, never slack - read Lorne Michaels' advice in Tina Fey's book Bossypants for some good lessons in ignoring your perfectionism and just getting whatever the fuck you're working on OUT THERE - basically another way of saying the perfect is the enemy of the good).

After that I will head over to Happy Ending Lounge (302 Broome Street) for the (yay free!) Chat Lounge with Maria Falzone for Sex Rules!:

Join us on May 19th at 7:30 when The Chat Lounge hosts Sex Rules with Maria Falzone. Afer the overwhelming response we received to Maria’s shortened performance of Sex Rules at MOMENTUM we are thrilled to welcome Maria here in NYC where she’ll perform her entire show.

Maria Falzone is one of the most sought after speakers on safer sex at the college level. Each year colleges and universities invite her back to teach the essential rules to greater and safer sex. Unlike other lectures, Maria shares her personal story of shame and suffering about sex and how after contracting herpes from a friend she was forced to honestly look at her attitude about sex. Her ability to connect with students in a very real and personal way allows her to lay the foundation to explaining the RULES to greater and safer sex.

“We live in a society where we get conflicting messages about sex. Our parents and Society tell us to wait. In the world of advertising sex sells. So we end up thinking that we should just know how to have sex. Parents spend good money for us to go to college to get an education so that we can graduate and go out there and get a good job. But when it comes to sex, which most of us are going to have, (hopefully more than once) we have little to no information. Some of us end up emotionally or physically scarred.” Maria then goes on to explain the rules in a very funny and frank manner. Who do the rules apply to? All of us! If you want to wait till your married GREAT! You still need to learn how to have sex.

Her ability to connect with students in a very real and personal way allows her to lay the foundation to explaining the RULES to greater and safer sex.
If you’re gay, bisexual or transgender the rules are the same. There is another level of shame you have to work through. Society says that if your gay, bisexual or transgender that you are wrong, not sex, you. If you are gay bisexual or transgender work through the shame and live your life out loud. If you have an opinion against someone who is gay, bisexual or transgender keep it to your self. Because opinions are like a**holes! Everyone has one and no one wants to hear from them!

Maria reached headliner status in the top comedy clubs through out the US and Europe over 15 years ago and was invited to perform at the HBO Aspen Comedy Festival where she met Suzi Landolphi, the creator of Hot, Sexy and Safer. Suzi hired and trained Maria to perform her show. A year later Maria created her funny, frank and personal lecture: Sex Rules!

Maria has performed standup on ABC, A&E, Showtime, TBS.

The Chat Lounge is a free event, open to all adults 21 and over, meeting the 3rd Thursday of every month at Happy Ending, 302 Broome Street, from 7:30 – 10:00. The Chat Lounge features a different speaker to guide discussions covering body image, gender, pornography, identity, orientation, love and relationships, the science of sex and much more.

Lastly, on June 15th I'm celebrating with 99 other people being part of "The Big Jewcy,"'s annual list of "100 Jews everybody should know and love." Writeups will be posted in June but click here for party details. Awww...

Party is June 15, 6-10 pm at Brooklyn Winery, 213 N. 8th Street (where we held the 2010 Cupcakes Take the Cake anniversary party), Williamsburg, Brooklyn (right near the L to Bedford). Buy your tickets ($10) here.

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