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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Seattle Day 1 in photos

I'm off for another gargantuan walk, perhaps not 6.5 miles to where CupcakeCamp Seattle is located, but I'm gonna try. Excited! For some reason I have all this energy and am hoping that translates into writing, cause I haven't been doing much of that lately. I walked from downtown to Capitol Hill to Queen Anne yesterday, ate at Sweet Iron Waffles, The 5 Spot, went to see "This" at Seattle Rep, checked out Cakespy Shop, Cupcake Royale, Elliott Bay Book Company (what a huge and awesome indie bookstore - the Kurt Cobain card below is from there) and saw my friend Sara Schaefer do comedy. Quite a day.

Apple art at JFK

Lemon curd blackberry waffle from Sweet Iron Waffles

random nature

Space Needle from below

cute dog while waiting at The 5 Spot for brunch

Fireplace at my hotel

Hilarity when I searched for "The Canal" in Ballard, where I have to go today for CupcakeCamp. I found the right place.

Font Whore card and more at Cakespy Shop in Capitol Hill (Font Whore card is by JustJENN Designs) - Cakespy owner Jessie Oleson is a brilliant artist and will make any custom Cuppie art you want, she has Cuppie drinking Diet Coke, Cuppie at the L Train, Cuppie with Andy Warhol quotes, you name it. Visit her onlien shop to find out more.

Kurt Cobain card

Books I bought and hope to be inspired by at Elliott Bay Book Company, where I read last year and hope to read again - they have amazing cards, obviously, and all kinds of books, and a good sex section and just the sheer size means you can easily get lost in there and are guaranteed to find something you want to read. At the counter I was asked if I want a customer card, one of those rewards type things, and at first I said no because I don't live in Seattle, but then I said yes because I'll surely be back there, and to Capitol Hill in general, every trip - I still want to eat at Oddfellows and In The Bowl. Contrary to my cab driver's opinion last night, I love the food in Seattle! And I found out about Sweet Iron Waffles and In The Bowl via Yelp, so I do love them and their iPhone app, despite the humor above.

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