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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Woman Beats Up Roommate Over Girl Scout Cookies

Loved this debut Jezebel post by my friend Lane Moore: "The Emotional Cost of Girl Scout Cookies"

A Florida woman is currently in jail on charges of beating up her roommate over a dispute surrounding the theft of her precious Thin Mint collection. To make matters worse, Hersha Howard, 31, not only burst into her roommate's room to accuse her of the grave injustice, Howard hit her in the face, chased her with scissors, struck her with a board of some kind, BIT HER IN THE BREAST, and then hit her with a random sign she found outside. Then, presumably, she sat down and enjoyed those sweet, sweet cookies.

Can you blame her? There's only one Girl Scout cookie SEASON!

And on the food porn front, check out all the Cupcakes Take the Cake postings about Girl Scout cookie cupcakes!

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