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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Momentumcon conference on sex, feminism, relationships and more April 1-3 in Washington, DC

I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing all sorts of awesome people at the conference Momentumcon in Washington, DC April 2-3 like porn star Dylan Ryan, Big Sex Little Death author Susie Bright, the wonderful Tristan Taormino, Open author Jenny Block, Carol Queen, Funky Brown Chick Twanna Hines, Jamye Waxman and tons more. Check out the schedule . I am not speaking but I will be bringing some cupcakes and will have book postcards (I'm only attending late Saturday and Sunday but plan to pack as much into that time as I can). Check out these session titles - only downside is I can't go to them all! Follow @momentumcon on Twitter for details about the sessions.


1. I Used to be a White Knight, but now I’m a Feminist
2. No Homo: Prejudice and Homophobia within the Gay Community
3. Traveling the Yellow Brick Road of Kink: How to Avoid The Flying Monkeys Along the Road to Oz
4. Polyamory & New Media
5. What it Takes to (Successfully!) Date a Sex Worker
6. How to Succeed in Business – Giving Customers What They Want When They Want It
7. Sex Worker and Single
8. Play With Your Food: The Delicious Space That Is the Intersection of Food and Sex
9. Who is SexyKitty69? Exploring the social media pros & cons of anonymity
10. Odd Girl Out: Straddling The Fields of Sexual Health and Sexual Pleasure
11. Teaching and Learning Tantra Online
12. One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Identities and Intersections
13. Women Taking Power: D/s dynamic as Feminism
14. The Feminist Connection
15. Podcasting — What’s in It for Me: Marketing, Mojo and Monetization
16. Porn Stars Off the Set
17. New Media Roundtable – Tips and Tools for Social Change
18. Feminism, Sex Toys and Capitalism
19. The Accidental Poster Child: How to Handle the Media When it Comes Calling
20. Sex Positive Interventions: The Feminist Sex Wars and Beyond
21. Business Management Techniques for Sex Positive Entreprenuers
22. How New Media Has Changed the Way We Think About Porn
23. Defining Non-Monogamy: Bridging the Gap in the Community
24. Blogging the Gap: How Sex Workers and Sex Writers Can Work Together
25. Ethics and Responsibilities for Sex-Positive Writing
26. Multigen Feminist Pornographers Mouth Off
27. A Spoonful of Chocolate Makes the Vanilla Go Down
28. Sense & Sexuality: How Taking It Off Empowers The World!
29. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Looking at Female Masturbation Past and Present
30. Sex in the Sanctuary
31. Personal Branding for the Sex-Positive Activist
32. Sex & Race in America: Opening the Bedroom Door
33. Special Events at MOMENTUM

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At March 15, 2011, Blogger Ms. Justine said...

Wow, this looks awesome. I wish I could go. I look forward to your review after the conference!


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