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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Eyelashes, mine and The Secret Stars song

Just downloaded the song "Eyelashes" by The Secret Stars, from an album I have buried in the CDs I've given up on ever sorting. I snapped this closeup of my eyelashes, just because I still can't believe this is what I'm wearing, and in the hopes that maybe I can replicate it as some point. My eyebrows are in dire need of waxing, just haven't had time for it. I did get a facial this morning, partly because the winter is hell on my skin, and partly for the photo shoot. While I was lying there getting steamed and extracted, I had an idea for a story that has to do with falseness, of various kinds (though not eyelashes). One of the protagonists is "like a combination of Jessica Simpson, Snooki and Tila Tequila." To show you where my mind goes when I'm being touched like that. Actually, aside from walking, I do some of my best creative thinking when getting massages and such. I think it's the enforced stillness which makes my mind move faster, to make up for not being able to move the rest of me.

I learned all sorts of things about makeup and aging today while I was getting done up, the bottom line being I should wear bright lipstick and heavy eyeliner while I'm "young" (or whatever passes for young). I don't wear much makeup on a daily basis, anyway, often just lipstick, and sometimes not even that. It's one of those things I wish I could pull off every day but I don't have the patience for it, not to mention the skill. But when I'm all done up, I like it; I tend to feel like I'm some movie version of myself, which sometimes is a fun way to feel, when the real thing is rather ho-hum.

And since I couldn't find a YouTube video of "Eyelashes," here's Geoff Farina of The Secret Stars and Karate singing "Shoe In."

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