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Monday, January 31, 2011

My visit to LACMA

I went to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) yesterday. Here are a few photos - the Rothko was for my friend Twanna, who loves can't stand Rothko. I liked the Barbara Kruger elevator in BCAM, the last section we visited, which was full of over-the-top modern art, like Jeff Koons' exhibit of 3 signed basketballs floating in water.

I'm watching the sun come up from the 30th floor of my beautiful hotel room, that has almost everything (except E!). Gotta get back into writing mode today, especially because I check out tomorrow. Excited to hear people are coming to tomorrow's reading, but want to make sure it gets the proper buzz, otherwise I'll feel a little silly for being out here, though I can't deny that a sunny day instead of the snow is rejuvenating, as has been the entire luxury of this trip. I'm still getting used to my new laptop, realizing little things, like the fact that the keys are faster to type with.

And yes, there is something a little not the point about taking photographs in a museum. For me it's a way to remember art that particularly piqued my interest.

me with a Rothko

"Cold Shoulder" by Roy Lichtenstein

"Untitled (Comb) by Vija Climens

not sure of titles, but the juxtaposition was jarring

There'd be no way to capture an entire elevator shaft on my camera, nor, do I think, we are meant to. I am a big Barbara Kruger fan, though of course, the question of whether art is another commodity like the ones she lists is, well, open to debate. It came on the heels of a very interesting discussion about art and law and fair use, whose intersection, though I dropped out of law school, fascinate me.

Bonus link and quote by Barbara Rose about performance artist Orlan, who I was impressed that my museum mate could remember about an hour after I first brought her up.

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