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Saturday, January 29, 2011

My sexy new laptop case

While I was splurging, I decided to buy this. My goal is to streamline all of the stuff I lug around. Not on this trip, when a very kind Virgin America staffer named Elmer helped duct taped my luggage, but when I get home. How pretty is this? I'm in LA, may have to change hotels because I mistakenly booked one night, but it'll be an adventure. I'm just so happy to be in one city in the sun for a few days and to finally focus on the writing I need and want to do. I love traveling and exploring and seeing old friends and exploring new things, but the pace of the last few days was a little crazy for me. I wasn't up or out very late but I fell into bed exhausted, and I have 3 days to promote the hell out of this reading Tuesday night (at Coco de Mer!) and not take the subway and just have some room for my brain to mellow out. And learn the quirks of this computer. Also: the Gotta Have It trailer is debuting very soon! So proud of it.

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