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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Former vegan craves Berkeley barbecue

When I moved to Berkeley in 1993, I was 17 and a vegan. When I left in 1996, I was 20 and no longer a vegan, for various reasons. I was different, but to be honest, so different from who I am now that 17 and 20 may as well have been the same, save for me starting to figure out I wasn't the activist type.

But at that point I probably wasn't ready to jump right into something like T-Rex BBQ, if it had existed then. Now I am, and am already preparing for the lunch I want to have there. Thanks, Vogue, for the tipoff. I think I want the Wings of Fire and "Pan Seared Dungeness Crab Cakes with jalapeno-fennel slaw and a spicy remoulade sauce." And mac and cheese and spinach. Will take some long winding walks to walk it off.

I wish my first trip of 2011 were not a work trip, but I will figure out a way to get a vacation in soon, and to pause before I rush off and use up all my days like I did the last two years. They are such a precious commodity, and I want to make the best use of them I can.