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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Fight for Passion" - guest post by Angela Caperton

Today's guest post is by Passion: Erotic Romance for Women contributor Angela Caperton.

Fight for Passion

I’ve been fortunate to enjoy the companionship of my partner Drake for over ten years now, and through these years I’ve learned a lot about passion – mine, his, ours. We’ve been careful to nurture our relationship, have faced bad times and good times, dealt with bumps and bruises, and I am ever amazed at this relationship we share, at what I’ve learned about our passions, how we’ve channeled them, and that we’ve both worked to not take the other for granted. With him as inspiration and often instigator, passion is something I come by naturally, and it manifests in all my writing – even those stories that are not erotic in nature.

I’ve learned through experience that passion can often be fleeting and fickle, that it is not always machine-washable, and sadly, relationships – love – and sexual pleasures seem to suffer from passion’s capricious nature more often than not. A relationship can burn like a wildfire, then wink out with little more than a wisp of smoke as evidence, or remain banked, like glowing coals of desire that just need a puff of air and a little fuel to bring a rich flame back to life. I’ve heard it said that the mellowing of passion is to be expected, that it is the natural progression of a relationship when two people become less and less of a mystery to each other, when what was new and exciting becomes common and pre-packaged. That might be true, but it shouldn’t be inevitable.

What does amaze me is how easy it is to fall into the trap of ranking physical passion as sometimes less important than the most mundane chore. Hot sweaty sex with my partner, or clean the bathroom? I’ve been guilty, I’m ashamed to say.

Life is a varsity sport – unfortunately we’re expected to play without knowing all the rules. I know there are legitimate reasons why sex may fall down the list of priorities – been there – but in my opinion, sex and passion should not always be the first casualty of a busy life, that it be the price for our desire to be more, do more, own more. It is doubly sad, because sex can be an antidote against stress and can bridge the widening emotional and physical gap that can manifest in a relationship. People will fight for days over a $50 parking ticket, but won’t fight – or forget that we are allowed to fight – to keep passion alive in a relationship.

My story in Passion: Erotic Romance for Women is called “Dear in the Headlights” and touches on just such a fight. For Cassie, it’s been five months since she and her husband have enjoyed sex. They both have busy, travel-filled jobs, and when their scheduled date night is threatened by minor car trouble, Cassie takes matters into her own hands.

Kick complacency in the butt – fight for passion.

Stay sexy!


Award winning author Angela Caperton writes eclectic erotica that challenges genre conventions. Look for her stories published with Black Lace and eBury Publishing, Cleis, Circlet, Coming Together, Drollerie, eXtasy Books, Renaissance, and in the indie magazine Out of the Gutter. Visit her at for a full list of her books, and to read her ongoing erotica horror serial "Woman of His Dreams."

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