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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

cause secretly I'm timid

The other night at trivia there was a question that went something like this 1977 musical, which was later turned into a movie, featured Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a character. We guessed Evita, and I wanted to throw out Annie, and I did, to one teammate, but was too…nervous, I guess, to throw it out to everyone. Maybe it felt too “girlie” and then I talked myself out of it, like Evita was a real person, that makes more sense, etc. Not even sure why I thought of Annie other than that I watched it while babysitting last year and that seemed the right era. So when we found out that was the answer I felt really dumb, especially cause earlier I’d thrown out a guess that we’d used and it was right. I need to get better about speaking up but, yeah, I’m kindof like Liz Phair (see post title):



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