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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Village Tart is my new favorite restaurant

I will post more later, but for now, I have to say that I cannot recommend the newly-opened Village Tart enough. If it weren't snowing, I'd go back again today, and I've been 4 times in a week. Three times I ate dinner there and once I took desserts to a comedy show. It's cozy, intimate, delicious and has stellar service and wonderful music. Note: Monday's dinner was comped for friends and family night. New dishes are being introduced and I will certainly be back to try them! See more photos in my Flickr set. And no, this is not really a "review" because I am not exactly a food reviewer, all I can tell you is I love everything about this place, from the food to the atmosphere to the vibe. I discovered it from hanging out at consulting chef Pichet Ong's former bakery, Batch, and then becoming a fan of Spot Dessert Bar. I'm coming back February 16th and hopefully before then too so expect more food porn photos and maybe even some proper foodie types to weigh in.

I don't have great photos, but the first night I went there I tried, among other things, the bacon/fig pizzette (yum!) and the pumpkin/ricotta pizzette (ditto!) and the melty, delicious, perfect caramelized pear and brie tart.


Village Tart spinach and ricotta dumplings
My favorite dish: spinach and ricotta dumplings, which are not what you'd think of as "dumplings" but more like spinach, ricotta and spices bound by bread crumbs - but not greasy at all, just wonderful. These were so amazing, they melted on my tongue and I wanted to order a second one, but I resisted.

Village Tart wagyu in a blanket
My second-favorite dish: wagyu in a blanket with the best mustard I've ever had, a very spicy Chinese mustard

Village Tart halibut
Halibut with spinach

Something I didn't try, but want to next time, is the three mushroom tart.


Village Tart cupcakes and Nutella skillet tort
Cupcakes and the Nutella skillet torte - all wonderful, the peanut butter cupcake is filled with jam, the stracciatella tastes like chocolate chip ice cream in cupcake form, is very sweet; the Nutella skillet torte is almost overkill after you've stuffed your face with food

Village Tart chocolate chip cookie
Bring these chocolate chip cookies to a comedy show and everyone's your new BFF

Village Tart pear croissant pudding
pear croissant pudding

Village Tart tiramisu
I'm not a huge tiramisu fan but my dining companion ordered this and basically devoured it

Village Tart
86 Kenmare at Mulberry
New York, NY
info at

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