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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My first vlog - welcome to my hotel room

I'm officially in love with the new iPhone, I can't believe I've been lacking one all this time. No more. I move to a new hotel tonight (travel tip: if you used Priceline's name your price and like your room, you can keep the same rate - I didn't know that so rebooked, but it's okay because I bid $70 instead of $88 and still got a 4-star hotel!) and first am off to be taken on a whirlwind tour of foodie Seattle.

Last night's reading was AMAZING. Posted a bit about it elsewhere but will have to do justice to it properly later. Elliott Bay was a wonderful host and everyone asked amazing questions and I got to read all of "It's A Shame About Ray" by Kirk Read and I was just so wowed. Plus, the cupcakes!

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