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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Last day in Seattle, cupcake meetup tonight 5-7

It's sunny in Seattle - I haven't posted nearly everything I've been up to, but follow TwitterFoursquareFacebookTumblr for some photos as they're easier to upload than here. I fly back tomorrow, teach erotica at Shag Saturday, fly to Minneapolis Sunday morning. NOT recommended in any way and I'm bummed that I booked it that way, but will survive.

I'll have a new call for submissions to announce soon and will need LOTS of stories very fast (they are going to be short so it'll be easy and I'm all about the rolling submissions to reward the smart early birds) so stay tuned for that hopefully next week. The sooner they're done, the better is my new motto so a reminder again: Passionate final deadline is March 15th but it's filling up fast.

My lesbian pregnancy erotica story "Swollen," another one that was a loser a few times, just got accepted to the Sacchi Green anthology Lesbian Lust, out this summer. Yesterday I ate so much I very much wanted to come back to my hotel and puke, but I lay down instead. Not recommended, but the food at Barrio and the cupcakes at New York Cupcakes and Cupcake Royale definitely are!

And tonight if you're in Seattle, join us at Trophy Cupcakes! The cupcakes won't have my face on them like the gorgeous, one-of-a-kind beautiful ones they made for me for free on Tuesday for the Elliott Bay reading, but there will be some freebies. 5-7, Trophy Cupcakes (Wallingford), 1815 NW 45th Street, Suite 209. Can't wait!

my Anya Garrett photo cupcakes by Trophy Cupcakes!

the display at Elliott Bay

pre-eating (I am kicking myself for not shooting video of the process)

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