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Monday, October 26, 2009

Snapshots from Toronto

I'd post more but I'm rushing off to a big meeting, then at 3 I'm on Naked News and at 7:30 teaching erotica at Come As You Are. Navigating and visiting Toronto and my friends has been a blast, cupcake meetup at The Drake Hotel rocked, but today I have to go to Don Mills for my meeting's far. So a little uncertain how I'll do. I've otherwise walked and the fact that this is such a walking city puts it on my list of Cities To Potentially Move To.

Below two photos are of the windows of the Bata Shoe Museum - sadly, while it was interesting, I'd say the windows were the most attention-getting part of it.

More photos on Flickr and postings on Twitter and Tumblr = only read those if you can handle lots of personal info/blathering/brain dumping, if you can't, stay here. TRUST ME.

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At October 26, 2009, Blogger osc. said...

Funny. Bata is the cheapest shoe store over here in Amsterdams. You don't want your picture taken there sorting out footwear, I assure you.


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