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Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Sexy Reading"

I came across a piece I wrote, "Sexy Reading," way back in January 2006 over at acclaimed author (and In The Flesh reader) M.J. Rose's blog Buzz, Balls & Hype about In The Flesh and thought I'd share the link and a quote:

Simply listening to a variety of sexual fantasies and stories opens your mind to the wonderful diversity of erotic expression that’s out there—even if it never goes any farther than the written, or, in this case, spoken, word. Some of the raciest erotic writers I know live very quiet, simple suburban lives, but when they sit down at the computer—watch out. They’re having orgies and getting handcuffed and picking up strangers. They’re stripping down to their most naked selves, and, lucky you, they’re willing to take you along for the ride.

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