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Monday, October 05, 2009

Photos from Quickies: Short Erotica, October 2nd

I still owe you photos from September's In The Flesh, but for now, some photos from a spectacular, dare I say perfect, Quickies. All the readers were funny and powerful and got rave reviews from the crowd. The 100 free cupcakes went so quickly I will be getting 200 from now on (meaning October 15th at Sex and Comedy Night)! Thank you so much to all the readers who were so spectacular. Photos by Tess Danesi via Flickr.

John Bredin, Jamie Peck, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Diana Vilibert, Mark Becker – taken by Tess Danesi at Quickies: Short Erotica, October 2, 2009.

100 cupcakes from our sponsor Baked by Melissa (s'mores, tie dye, cinnamon and mint chocolate chip!)

Tess Danesi (who's reading her spanking story from Bottoms Up at our big 4-year anniversary reading/party November 19th) enjoys a cupcake

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